Activities and Projects

Things We Do:

 “Just Desserts” with Dolley Madison

Uncompahgre Valley Chapter NSDAR, Irene Means (Mrs. James), then chapter regent, welcomes guests to “Just Desserts” with Dolley Madison, the 2015 tea on May 2nd.

 Colorado State Society DAR Donation

Melanie Kline (left) accepting a donation on behalf of the Warrior Resource Center. Irene Means (Mrs. James), then regent, (right), presented the donation made possible by the Colorado State Society DAR in support of projects and programs in local communities.

 Mad Hatter Tea Party

(left to right) Cathy Ann Treadway Percefull, Suanne Hughes, Erin Smith Berge (Mrs. Patrick); readers of the newspaper article describing the scene at Appomattox Courthouse on the day of the surrender of the Civil War.

Handcrafted Quilt Supporting Programs

Designed and Crafted by Jane Murphy

 Holiday Mail for Heroes Program

Signing Cards for the Holiday Mail for Heroes program: (left to right) Lenay Crow, Jean Cornett (b.1928 – d.2017), Janet Evans Rogers (Mrs. Roy), Tasiana Basdekis, Robin Melvin Barrett, Evelyn Louise Pitney Purcell Kiser, Lena Taylor


 Ute Museum Yard Sale

Fourth of July Parades

Rail Fence” Quilt

“Rail Fence” quilt made by Jane Murphy (left) and Claudia Joan Kinney Delgado (right, b.1946 – d.2010) for a 2010 fundraising event. Claudia was a wonderful asset to our chapter, and we will all miss her.

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Assisting the work of the Olathe Boy Scouts in an honorable flag retirement ceremony.

 Items for Veterans Donations

2 Items Collected for Veterans Donations

April Chapter Meeting

Sue Nichols presents a program on the Draper Manuscripts.

Irene Means (Mrs. James), then secretary, reads meeting minutes.

Cherie Collins (Mrs. Dan), historian, presents a program on the history of the American flag.

Janet Evans Rogers (Mrs. Roy) and Evelyn Kiser, then regent.

Welcoming New Members

April 2017 Uncompahgre Valley Chapter NSDAR welcomes new member Brandi Morgan.

October 2013 (left to right): Lindsay Toms Gurule; Judy Klinker (Mrs. Leo),; Jane Murphy; Cathy Ann Treadway Percefull; Robin Melvin Barrett.

Photographed in October 2012: (left to right): Erin Smith Berge (Mrs. Patrick) then regent, Lena Taylor, Lanay Crow, Elizabeth “Becky” Jones, Evelyn Kiser, Judy Klinker (Mrs. Leo).

March Chapter Meeting

Marsha Ann Black Kirby (Mrs. Ronald), then vice-regent, called the meeting to order and shared the President General’s message.

Cherie Collins (Mrs. Dan), historian, presented the Flag Minute which was a demonstration on the correct way to fold the American flag. Cherie also presented on the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and on the Women Suffragettes.

Janet Evans Rogers (Mrs. Roy) gave a reading of a letter written by one of her ancestors to his family when fighting in the Indian Wars in 1837.

December Chapter Meeting

Evelyn Kiser, then chapter regent (standing), Barbara Youngblood (Mrs. Stephen Troy), then chapter second vice-regent (left), Irene Means (Mrs. James), then chapter secretary (right).

Cherie Collins (Mrs. Dan), chapter historian.

Uncompahgre Valley Chapter Officers

2016-2017 Chapter Officers

2016-2017 Chapter Officers
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2016-2017 Pictured in April 2016 (from left to right) Marsha Ann Black Kirby (Mrs. Ronald), vice-regent; Evelyn Kiser, regent; Jane Murphy (Mrs. Jack), chaplain; Barbara Youngblood (Mrs. Stephen Troy), second vice-regent; Irene Means (Mrs. James), secretary; Cherie Collins (Mrs. Dan), historian. Not Pictured: Suanne Hughes, registrar; Lanay Crow, treasurer; Erin Smith Berge (Mrs. Patrick), librarian.

September Chapter Meeting

(left to right) Irene Means (Mrs. James), then regent; Evelyn Kiser, then secretary.

(left to right) Erin Smith Berge, then treasurer; Irene Means (Mrs. James), then regent; Evelyn Kiser, then secretary.

October Member Year Anniversaries

(left to right) Jane Murphy ~ 10 years; Jean Cornett (b.1928 – d.2017) ~ 20 years.

September Chapter Tour at the Ouray Museum

(left to right, bottom to top) Marsha Kirby (Mrs. Ronald), then regent; Erin Smith Berge (Mrs. Patrick), Elizabeth “Becky” Jones, Cathalee “Cathee” Cornel Nielsen (Mrs. Robert), Evelyn Kiser, Irene Means (Mrs. James), Gayla Scheid (Mrs. Wm.), Nancy Rule (Mrs. Walter, Jr.), Donna Hollis (George).

National Defense Committee

Janet Evans Rogers (Mrs. Roy), then National Defense Committee chapter chairman, delivers National Defense report at the April 2012 chapter meeting.

May Friendships

Sharon Grable (left), then chapter secretary, and Judy Klinker (Mrs. Leo), chapter chaplain.

 A New Chapter Historian

Shirley Baker Sutphen (Mrs. Earl), (b.1935 – d.2016) past regent 1997-1999 and 2006-2007, installing Cherie Collins (Mrs. Dan) as chapter historian.

25 Years of DAR Service!

Marsha Kirby (Mrs. Ronald), (left), then regent, recognizes Sibyl L. Baker (right) for 25 years of DAR service.

Beautiful Meeting Refreshments

Beautiful November Meeting Refreshments 2010
Beautiful Meeting Refreshments 2010
Delightful Meeting Refreshments 2009
Festive Fourth of July Meeting Refreshments 2009
Beautiful Christmas Meeting Refreshments 2009
Delightful St. Patrick’s Day Meeting Refreshments 2009

May Presentation

Cherie Collins (Mrs. Dan) presents the “History of the Uncompahgre Valley Chapter NSDAR” and a display of yearbooks.

May New Officer Installations

Mrs. Bonnie L. Murphy installing Uncompahgre Valley Chapter NSDAR then regent, Jane Murphy (right) and then vice regent, Marsha Kirby (Mrs. Ronald) (center).