In Memoriam

We honor and pay loving tribute to the memory of the following women. Their dedication to the historic, educational, and patriotic objectives of our Society has inspired all of us in our daily work for God, home, and country. The intangible tributes to these women remain our commitment to continue their pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.

Mrs. Edith Russell Beacham

Ann Powers Brougham (Mrs. Erwin)

Jean Helen Palmer Cornett

Claudia Joan Kinney Delgado

Lois Jean Ladage

Dorothy ‘June’ Larsen (Mrs. Joe)

Lora Nadine Lillpop

Jetoria June Woods Merry

Dorothy Kelso Moon (Mrs. Howard)

Elaine Seay Ricker (Mrs. Charles)

Dorothea Schick
Uncompahgre Valley Chapter NSDAR honors Dorothea Schick. Dorothea became a DAR member in 1974 and a member of the Montrose Uncompahgre Valley Chapter NSDAR in 1993. She was a great friend and a wonderful inspiration.


Claris Gretchen Blake Stock (Mrs. Allen)

Shirley Baker Sutphen (Mrs. Earl)
Uncompahgre Valley Chapter NSDAR honors Shirley Baker Sutphen. Shirley served as our Chapter Regent from 1997-1999 and 2006-2007.


Lena Beatrice Jones Taylor

Mary L. Smalley Wood (Mrs. D.G.)

Connie Barbara Zwicky (Mrs. M.L.)